My services will help design your events and plan how to run them in the 'new environment.  Let's start by talking - no fee and  no obligation.

Questions about my Wedding Celebrant Services?

Why should I consider using a Wedding Celebrant?

People choose celebrant ceremonies when they want a ceremony that's personal to them, or if they want it at a time or place not allowable by Church or Registry Office. Sometimes a couple will be married overseas and want a special ceremony for family and friends in the UK.

Can we include elements of religion?

Yes you can. I have perfomed ceremonies that involved singing hymns and saying prayers. I am not a 'religious official', so I cannot perform recognised religious functions.

Are there really no restrictions as to what I can do?

We must adhere to legal and common decency standards but there is a lot of freedom on how you can have your ceremony. You might need permissions (use of land or location, for example) but, otherwise there are few limits. Tell me your idea and I'll give my opinion.

How can you help in the current 'Covid' crisis?
Wedding ceremonies and celebrations could be very different to those of previous years. Please get in touch and we can review all your possible options and alternatives.

Are you prepared to write a ceremony for someone else to perform?

Yes, I offer a 'write only' package.  I'm happy to meet with your 'deliverer' if you want me to. 

How long are your ceremonies?

It depends what is involved: number of readings, how many songs, amount of music and other 'ritual activities' but typically 20 - 40 minutes.

How much will it cost?

Several factors influence this: location, timing, number of meetings - and so on - but I'm very reasonable; I'm not in this just for the money. Let's talk it through and I'll give a quotation. 

Why should I use you?

I have a lot of experience as both a celebrant and toastmaster - and also as a general master of ceremonies and event host. My clients tell me that I'm friendly and caring (I'm now starting to blush!). However, you must decide for yourself. We can meet and talk about what you want (or chat via phone, Zoom or skype). I'll tell you how I can help and I won't push you for an instant decision. 


Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions you have.


Thanks for your time.

William Freeman
Surrey Wedding Celebrants

Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

T: 020 8979-2710 M: 07718 914739

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